by Nighthawk

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prod. Landfill(Syringe)


Get the fuck back, I am coming with the blast
We met up at the tracks, and you know what you lack
You ain’t never been through much, you been crying over lunch
You been trying all your luck, talking down to such and such
You been keeping up your front, you been thinking that you tough
let it get up to your head, You been puffing up your chest
I been thinking that you next, love to make you regret
Love to make you feel debt, love to make you see pain
Love to make you feel rain, love to make you see straight
Love to take you to hell, where they don’t really care
Where you just by yourself, where you just wanna die
With no fire for the cold, leave no hope for you soul
Nighthawk from the bottom, where the souls been forgotten
Where the actions really rotten, see the dark side of Gotham
Feel the rough edge of cotton, the silicon side of beauty
See the cracking cogs of commerce, and the face behind the mask
I done felt all the rage, they see their brothers in pain
Shrug it off like okay, even laugh in the face
Give a fuck, like no way, you been fucking up my day
Don’t deserve your own place, get the fuck up out my face
Night is back down from space, and I’m coming with the ace
I got the guts for the chase, bloodthirst for your grave
You see the hurt in my eyes, twice the blood to be spilt
Been so used to the black, my eyes are fine with no light,
Don’t let me round to your back, I can do this all night
Put up a pussy of fight, I leave you dazed with no sight
Leave you gaping with fright, leave eyes blind with no light


released August 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Nighthawk Los Angeles, California

here i am

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