The Eye v2

by Nighthawk

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an introduction-


first verse-nighthawk, loose
there’s a killer on the loose
that’s what the news was screaming
when the case came to me
i was a private eye
living lie to lie
it was no nine to five
I always saw it eye to eye
cause that’s the way of the world
little boys and girls
there’s evil everywhere
over here, over there
far and by, low and high
so I do what I can do to stay sane and get by
in this fucked up game of life
with no real greater prize at the end of it
trying my best to keep a little light open for the rest of us

second verse-nighthawk, deus
blue suits helped about as much as jesus
not in their job description, that's the day zoo
they take care of following rules
rather than following truth
lying to themselves that they're doing good
but all their doing is turning blind eyes
to morality and battling for the misunderstood
acting bland and trite as ham on rye
and when they do overstep the line
it's to shoot some innocent kid with no answer to why
giving animals firearms and a license
to puff their chests and feel dutiful
but i guess it makes sense cause god's writing
left no truth or ethics that's beautiful
and all enlightening for them to chase
still when i was young and my parents ate
into my heart with barbs thrown and a careless disgrace
cutting each other and everyone around down
and i called the jakes and they came around frowning
they sighed and said there was no way they could help
couldn't they at least act like they cared to save me from my hell
there's so many out there who need another's care
and if your last resort, your safety blanket can't be there
how in the world can you tell me that it's all fair
focus on the details to keep from seeing the bigger picture
(what's the bigger picture?)
there's really nothing, so what you waiting for? pull that little trigger
pull that little trigger

third verse-nighthawk, blur
boulevards blur as memory meets reality
and tragedies start sprouting on every street
the bodies i could not save, family i could not raise
the husband whose wife i exposed as a hoe
the shop owner whose livelihood was stolen with his soul
these people whose hard work and lives
i could not resurrect with all my tries and lies
but dwelling on the past will only dredge up pain
and swelling up inside is your deepest fears and shame
that nothing that you've done is worth it
and the biggest lie was what you called your purpose
these aren't bitter words but merely lamentations
screech here, u-turn there, pedestrians scared
to me this is my life, but to them, I’m another annoyance
you after tail i'm after tailights to keep me buoyant
promising myself that this makes me a better person
but deep down i know the world over stays so hurting as it's turning
no matter what i do the truth cannot be debunked
i see his head turn back as i go crashing into his trunk

fourth verse-viktor vaughn and m. saayid, never dead

fifth verse-nighthawk, mirror

what does it appear to be, from here to eternity
your life, were you right in your choice of strife
did you pick the correct cross to bear on your back
appraise by the face of things because it's easy to do
we live in america where life is breezy and cool
and people aren't getting cheated and fooled
by the second, i am not a reverend but listen in
an arrangement of features on the face
or the way fat is plastered artfully on the body
people are just animals, creatures obsessed with genetics
from gen x to gen y to gen z to anything after
range of actions confined by desires we cannot escape
made to feel like i was dying from the moment i was made
take the tv, used to love the cool summer urban vibe on it back then
but then i realized i was trying too hard to be attractive, white, hip and young, it's mad, men
it's crazy how possessed we are by instant images
and the messages we getting sent as submissives
to buy shit and act in certain ways like the bluest eye
shouts out to black star, unduly the truest lie
that we give in to all this and are clueless why
chemicals, there is no deeper meaning or rhyme or reason or levels to this mess of feeling that you're dealing with and crave so much
it ain't so much as a race for endorphins so it all feels worth it, it's so warped
i just wanna do what i can do so people feel fine and keep their minds off the fact that there’s nothing behind the mask

only ashes and ember left in your soul
in your soul in your soul in your soul
it’s all to keep you from feeling cold
in your bones, in your bones, in your bones


released April 7, 1997



all rights reserved


Nighthawk Los Angeles, California

here i am

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